Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Casa Zerger....

has hired a chef! Ha. Kidding. But we have been busy with many things this year and truth be told, my interest in cooking has increased, but my interest in writing about cooking well, has become nonexistent. I've found a number of fun food-related blogs and here are my top two:

Kiss My Spatula - Food+Photography
. Creative recipes, writing, and photos to match. Genius in every way.

Pioneer Woman Cooks. Seriously, if you need a good recipe with loads of butter, cream or any other treat - this is your blog. I recently made the Cinnamon Baked French Toast for a baby shower. It was phenomenal and ridiculously easy.

So, here ends the world of Furlough Food. It was a silly-but-important-to-me little endeavor to get through some economically challenging times. Thank you all for reading and telling me you enjoyed it. I can't leave the Furlough Food echo chamber without a little closure and glimpse into my current and future endeavors, can I?

I am happy to say, things in the Zerger world are better than ever anticipated in this year of 2010. Todd and I formalized BrainstormOverload, and its been a banner year for the creative work (Todd) and behind the scenes work (Cindy). We weren't sure a stint at self-employment / creating a business would work. But, really, there is no long-term guarantee in any employment scenario these days. We never doubted Todd's amazing talent, but making a successful business venture together was completely unknown territory for both of us and I will admit, I was doubtful of our ability in that realm. But, we've mixed a bit of our creative and practical abilities and for now, we are enjoying fun design challenges and feeling good that it has kept a roof over our heads. I am unbelievably proud of Todd, and inspired by his ideas and talent. I've become a part of a number of BrainstormOverload projects and have more recently started contributing to the voice of BSOL. You can check out our work here and blog here. We are brainstorming (pun intended) about how it evolves into a even better consultancy and design shop. Stay tuned and wish us luck!

As for other things...I am still with the University of Minnesota's Center for Changing Landscapes working in the realm of landscape architecture and planning, and love it...Devin is with us on a more regular basis and we even had him for his 13th birthday last weekend! My brother is getting married this summer and our garden continues to bloom.

Here are some of my wedding photo favorites....

From the California Celebration:

And lastly...some blooms from our garden...(Todd posted them as desktops on our blog. Click on the photo to go there.)

Make muffins no matter what comes your way.

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  1. Beautiful photos. So glad you guys are doing so well :)